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Mobile Pay
1 Steps to use Web Application (WAP) :
Internet URL[For customers/outside use]:
Supporting Browser Google Chrome
  1. Open the above URL
  2. The page will ask for Mobile Number and MPIN, the number which is registered for Mobile banking and MPIN should be entered for registration.
  3. WAP id will be sent to the registered mobile number after entering the correct mobile number and MPIN
  4. The screen will ask for WAP Id, user is required to enter the WAP id sent on registered Mobile number.
  5. The page will land to Home page wherein IMPS ,OTHER SERVICES,CONTACT US ,HELP AND ABOUT option will be displayed .
  6. Logout will enable to logout of the application.
2 Following are the steps for using “PMCB MobilePay GPRS application”:
  1. After downloading the “PMCB MobilePay App”, application will ask for Mobile Number.
  2. After entering registered mobile number, customer will receive an Authentication pin on his registered mobile number
  3. Customer needs to enter this pin in the given column.
  4. After successful validation of Authentication Pin, application will prompt customer to change MPIN. The MPIN is required to be changed for the first time for security purpose.
  5. Existing mobile banking users, will have to enter their current MPIN in “OLD PIN” column which they are currently using for SMS based Mobile Banking App. After entering the current pin, the users will have to enter the new 4 digit MPIN in “NEW PIN”and “Confirm PIN” column.
  6. In case of first time users, customers will have to enter the MPIN sent by the Bank on their registered mobile in the OLD PIN column and then create new 4 digit MPIN.
  7. After successful validation they can use the mobile app for doing funds transfer and for using other application based services.
Customers can use both SMS based app and GPRS based app simultaneously.
3 How to register Mobile Number 1.Customer can submit the duly filled e-banking form & submit to the nearest branch.
2. Customer can register themselves online for Mobile Banking service from their registered mobile number using MobilePay application.
After downloading MobilePay application, customer needs to enter his registered mobile number and have to validate himself using his debit card details.
4 How to get MMID
(Its a 7 Digit number)
Once the form is scrutinised by the home branch, customer will receive the message stating the details of his MMID and the accounts linked to it.
5 How to retrive the MMID 1. Go the 'Retrive MMID' option availabe in the application loaded on Cell phone.
2. Send messages [MMID] to PMC no.9773251313. Will receive the MMID throught SMS.
3. Call our 24x7 Toll free No.1800-223-993.
6 How to get M-PIN
(Its a 4Digit number)
Message for M-PIN shall be followed by SMS for MMID.
In case the customers could not recall his MPIN, they can approach the branch for duplicate MPIN. After necessary process, the customer will receive the sms for Re-generated PIN.
7 How to change M-PIN After receipt of MPIN, first time the customer is forced to change the PIN.
1. Go the 'Pin change' option availabe in the application, loaded on Cell phone.
2. Type a simple message [OPIN] space [OLD pin] space [NEW pin] and has to send to 9773251313.
8 How to transfer funds Customer has two option for fund transfer v.i.z
1. Through the applicaton downloaded on Cell phone
*For Application based: Go to Interbank Mobile Payment System >> IMPS to Mobile Number option. fill in the require details.
2. SMS.
* Send text [IMPS] space [Beneficiary Mobile No] space [Beneficiary MMID] space [Amount] space [MPIN+last 3 digits of remitter's MMID] and send to 9773251313.
9 How to generate OTP
{One Time Password}
(Its a 6 Digit number) 
1. Go the 'One Time Password' option availabe in the application, loaded on Cell phone.
2. Type a simple message [OTP] space [MPIN] and has to send to 9773251313.  
10 How to receive Money Register your mobile number with your account in the Bank and share your mobile number and MMID with Remitter.  After receipt of funds in you're account SMS will be received.
11 Amount Limit Transaction through Application downloaded on Cell phone has limit of Rs. 50,000/- per day & for SMS based transacton the limit is Rs. 5000/- per day.
  • Use caution while installing a bank’s software for mobile banking to ensure it is authentic and reach out to the bank for confirmation.
  • Ensure to register for Mobile Banking and receive alerts upon all significant transactions in your account.
  • Change your password regularly.
  • Password-protect the mobile phone and set the maximum number of incorrect password submissions to no morre than three.
  • Protect your sensitive data with strong security antivirus designed for a mobile device.
  • Review account statements frequently to check for fraudulent transactions.
  • Report a lost or stolen phone immediately to the bank and arrange to deactivate the mobile banking service.
  • Delete the message relating to Mobile Banking to avoid misuse of account details
  • Don’t use public Wi-Fi access to conduct your banking business. You cannot be sure it’s secure, Blank says. Opt for wireless networks that require a network security key or have some other form of security.
  • Don’t store any login information on your mobile device and don’t choose automatic login options. 
  • Do not use personal detail like Date of Birth as your password.
  • Don’t save messages from your bank containing passwords.
  • Do not share your password with anyone.
  • Do not share your password with bank. Bank never asks for confidential information like password via mail, SMS or bank initiated phone calls.
  • Don’t install third-party banking application. Only download application from trusted sources.
  • Don’t write down PINs or retain any email or paper communication from your bank with regard to the PIN or password.
  • Don’t give PIN or ID information over the phone or Internet or share with anyone.
  • Don’t click on bank-related links embedded in emails received on your phone email.
  • Don’t transfer funds without due validation of the recipient, as funds once transferred cannot be reversed.
  • Don’t do multi-task when you are transacting using mobile banking software installed on your phone.
  • Don’t forget to advise your bank of changes in your mobile number to ensure that SMS notifications are NOT sent to someone else.
13 Contact Information Toll Free No.1800 223 993 or any banch, contact details available on www.pmcbank.com
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